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April 21st, 2008

Literature Entry Week 8 @ 12:16 pm

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Week 8 of Literature was full of poetry and different style of poetry which I found immensely enjoyable. During the tutorial we looked at William Shakespeare’s ‘Sonnet 55’, which was a fantastic poem because it highlights the long lasting power and longevity of the poem. The subject is YOU and that you will be remembered by the poem even after marble and gilded monuments that will ruin. Sonnet 55 shows us the POWER of words and how they can stand the test of time – here we were 399 years later at ACU Strathfield at 9 in the morning pulling apart this powerful poem.


I also enjoyed reading the ‘Pattern Poetry’ such as Easter Wings  by George Herbert – poetry that are in shapes and are visually appealing have always caught my eye looking further at home I enjoyed ‘Swan and Shadow’ the shape of the and the beautiful imaged that it conjured up – its not often that we stop and look at our reflection like a swan.


Below is a poem that I wrote after being stuck at the same set of traffic lights for nearly 10 minutes – when we go through the motions of everyday life we don’t really stop and seek out the intricacies. A set of traffic lights are important in our life they stop us from having accidents and help us move about with our lives in an orderly fashion (well, when they are obeyed that is).


Much like ‘The Great Figure’ by William Carlos Williams which I must say is one of my favourite poems that we have read so far in this subject , perhaps because it reminds me of New York (one of my favourite cities!). My piece of poetry is centred on an object that we don’t stop and have a deep think about. Hope you like it…



Red, orange and green

three colours that dictate society


slow down.


tyres in motion

brakes slamming

moving traffic

all obeying the

Red, orange and green





Till next week , Sonia =]


April 13th, 2008

Literature Entry Week 7 @ 01:55 pm

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‘Texts about other texts’ – that’s what Week 7 was about. In William Wordsworth’s ‘The world is too much with us’ he writes harshly about man’s treatment of the world; society is a culture obsessed with consumerism. In a world where ‘little we see in Nature that is ours’ Wordsworth is conveying that we don’t take the time to appreciate the beauty of nature instead we are focusing on materialistic items- we should instead focus on nature for it is living and breathing like us.


I like Wordsworth’s take on Mother nature in the second quatrain; ‘this Sea that bares her bosom to the moon’ the picture below that I found is a great description of this. It shows that mother nature is alive and animated but we are unmoved by it- the world IS to much with us , it is all around we are just to consumed with money to take heed. The A,B,B,A form of the poem conjures up a great imagery with in oneself.


Denise Levertov in ‘O taste and See’ uses the title of Wordsworth’s 1802 – 1804 and changes it stating ‘The world is not with us enough’. Levertov uses intertexuality in this poem by using Wordsworth and also by using a reference and making an allusion to a line from Psalms ‘O taste and See’ which also makes the title of the poem. I especially like the hidden meaning of making reference to Adam and Eve in the last stanza ‘living in the orchard and being/hungry, and plucking/the fruit’ , like Adam and Eve we are ‘plucking the fruit’ but instead of a literal fruit we are taking advantage of the world – as a society we are plucking all we can from it.



Until next week – let’s go and enjoy nature !


April 5th, 2008

Literature Entry Week 6 @ 11:03 am

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This week was the first week of poetry and we read a great poem in our tutorial by Janice Mirikitani entitled ‘Breaking Tradition’, I especially enjoyed this piece of poetry because it reminds me of my own family and the traditions we have. Being from an Italian family my nonna (grandmother) tells me all the time that it is important for me to keep the traditions that she has held since she migrated from Italy over 50 years ago.


In ‘Breaking Tradition’ I feel that there is breaking tradition but also intertwining her  culture with her generation. In a culture and generation that is more obsessed with the right foundation colour rather than keeping tradition alive the mother can see tradition is breaking. The voice of the grandmother I feel is perhaps  wishing that she had broken free from the shackles of her own tradition at the time.


On a personal level I feel that is important to keep my nonna’s traditions alive this however is hard to do in our society and the generation I was born into. Having said this I will try and do my very best to keep some of my nonna’s traditions alive! Below is a poem I have written to highlight the relationship I have with my nonna and how traditions and the keeping of them plays an important role in that relationship.




‘Cara mia’ she says,

sit down and listen to me

you have to keep our tradition in this society

remember my words

they will serve you well.

Pasta and meatballs

wine and sauce

family pride

take it all in your stride

‘Cara mia’ she says


‘Yes Nonna’ she says

sitting and listening

it’s hard to keep our tradition in this society

your words though I will remember

like a brightly burning ember.

University education

Technology and new situations

Keeping tradition alive

I will take it all in my stride

‘Yes, Nonna’ she says

                                             - Sonia Serra


My nonna on the right with her mother                    Me and my nonna who influences my life greatly
(my great grandma) shortly after they arrived            (Happy Birthday to her for today!!!!!)

in Australia



March 22nd, 2008

Literature Entry Week 5 @ 05:27 pm

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Buona Pasqua!- Italian


God påske! – Danish


Joyeuses Pâques!– French


Kaló Páskha!- Greek


Frohe Ostern! – German


Felices Pascuas! – Spanish


Prospera Pascha sit!  - Latin


Heri kwa sikukuu ya Pasaka! – Swahili


                    Cross and sky                               Celebrate Easter


March 15th, 2008

Literature Entry Week 4 @ 04:57 pm

Current Mood: calm calm


I must confess something. I’m not the most computer literate person out there! Ok so now you know my secret so SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!.  Aside from a few technical glitches I thoroughly enjoyed the online week. 


March 12th, 2008

Literature Entry - Week 3 @ 09:17 pm

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 'How does it work as art?’


This was one of the questions that was on our first assessment task for English 104 – this question got me thinking long after the exam. ‘Art’ it seems is often referred to as paintings and drawings. But music is an art , as is acting and dancing – Mark Leyner in his short story ‘My Cousin, My Gastroenterologist’ paints a wicked (excuse my use choice of word but that is all I can use to describe his work!) picture of a world that has no control. His collage style of writing puts together a picture that baffles the mind when you first start to read but it keeps you engrossed in a way that a good short story should. ‘Excellent food, malevolent ambience’  is just one of the uses of juxtaposition that Leyner uses.


I also read Italo Calvino’s ‘Mr Palomar: Reading a Wave’ and just like the character of Mr. Palomar I often on those lazy beach days have picked a wave way off in the distance and tried to follow it with my eyes – but how difficult it is to follow it just with your gaze as it twists and turns in the ocean , gets caught up with another wave as it bursts its way to shore. How Calvino can make a whole story of waves just goes to show how talented he is -  I have always been a fan of Italo Calvino although I studied him and his work in Italian and to read his work in English adds a whole different dimension to his work.


Dorothy Parker’s ‘The Waltz’ on the other hand made me laugh out loud – what a witty writer! From reading this story and the short excerpts of when she speaks out loud to her male counterpart compared to the rest of the story where we as readers really gauge what is going on in her mind we really gain an understanding of how much of a feminist view she has on the whole ‘male courting female situation’. It shows us that in the 1930’s Parker was using her writing as an art to express her feminist views. 


That’s what art is about – expressing your ideas, values, and views in a creative way – by music, writing, dancing, painting, acting and singing!


March 4th, 2008

Literature Entry - Week 2 @ 08:48 pm

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In this week’s Literature tutorial we read through Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants” – I must admit that I have never read any of Hemingway’s work but I must admit that I really enjoyed this short story. I especially enjoyed how he has a hidden meaning behind the story – he leaves the conclusion of the story up to you all he does is allude to certain facts. We discussed that the characters (Jig and the un-named male) are speaking of a possible abortion but we also came up with some other possibilities.


The terse dialogue between the characters provides a great tone to the story with the short, succinct, to the point dialogue means that the narrator is left to implicitly express certain aspects.


During the lecture/workshop we were asked to come up with a title and a few lines of a story. This was a great idea and I have never written so quickly in my life – the ideas were coming to me faster than I could write. It must have been Viriginia Woolf inspiring me. Below is the completed story. The idea came to me after I had a fly buzzing around in the car on the drive over to uni- I also noticed a fly buzzing around my dog that morning. I often wonder what he sees through his eyes – if he really sees all warbled like they depicted on The Simpson’s.


I attempted to write it sort of in the style of Hemingway  - leaving reader’s elusive until the end of the story.


                                                                Seeing through my eyes…


BUZZZZ … BUZZZZZ… BUZZZZ the fly buzzes precariously above my nose, it has been following me around all morning ever since breakfast, I often wonder about fly’s and the relationship they have with humans- lets just say its not a lovely one. Speaking of humans … what a weird bunch! I can’t complain I live with a pretty amazing group but it is often on my evening walks that my eyes are alerted to the fact that out there in the big wide world quite a diverse range of people exist.


For example I live around the corner from the little cosmopolitan area that is Majors Bay Road and last night casually strolling up the street I encountered  a lovely lady we looked at each other and exchanged a smile, then I passed by a family and we stopped and chatted and shared a bit of banter later on near the park I came across a man on his bike he just looked at me showing rudeness that I was taking up the footpath.


Aside from my walks I enjoy spending my time out in the garden especially lazing around on my multicoloured rug underneath the mango tree. The exquisite smell of mangoes hanging heavily on the trees tingles my taste buds to no ends – it is especially divine mid-afternoon when the sun filters through the branches and lush green leaves and beats ever so lightly on my back  - AHHHH what a life! Although when I spy the next door neighbours cat clinging to the fence looking at me enviously with her green eyes I feel slightly uneasy.


‘MIA! MIA! MIA! Come on girl… time to eat’... Clank clank clank. I hear the neighbour clanking the fork against the stainless steel bowl ready for dinner; I always know what time it is by the cat’s feeding schedule. It also means that my dinner must be ready soon to, I especially love to dine alfresco nothing beats eating a nice piece of meat under the veranda listening to birds chirping away.


Birds are also volatile creatures, I remember not that long ago I was going for a swim in Brays Bay reserve and I saw from the corner of my eye a huge bird looking at me – it was ink black with a white tummy and a long scary looking beak , I tried to scare it away but my mum told me that it’s a dangerous move. I like to think that I’m Superman … when I’m clearly not.


No, you see I’m not Superman (except for when I have my Superman cape outfit on!), I’m a little Maltese Terrier. Life through my eyes is different to that of a humans, I view life through a whole different perspective. Life through my eyes is great!





February 25th, 2008

Literature Entry :- Week 1 @ 10:04 pm

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Hi everyone! My name is Sonia and I’m so thrilled to be part of a great class like this one! So here’s a little about myself – I’m 20 years old and am studying a B. Primary Education and so far I love it (perhaps talk to me in Week 12 when I’m stressing out!). I live in the area and after travelling to UNSW for 2 years I’m loving the fact that it only takes me 12 minutes to get to ACU (yes I timed it).


I have a younger brother and an adorable puppy named Versace(he’s a 3 year old Maltese Terrier who will forever in my eyes be a puppy!) you can see him in my display picture. So that pretty much sums me up in a nutshell.


Being our first literature class I was feeling a bit apprehensive but I was quickly put at ease by the fact that this class involves not only reading but also being creative through avenues such as this one. In the tutorial  I enjoyed reading ‘The story of an hour’ by Kate Chopin -  the style of writing draws you emotionally into the literature.


Until next week …. Carpe Diem


Sonia =)